About Intrexx

“Intrexx is an integrated cross-platform development environment for the creation and operation of web-based applications, enterprise portals and intranet portals. A portal is created according to the drag and drop principle, without the need for programming. Furthermore, Intrexx can create mobile applications with just a few mouse clicks.” Wikipedia March, 2017, Intrexx is a registered trademark of United Planet.

This is mostly true. With Intrexx you really can do a lot, even without programming, like developing forms and views using only Drag&Drop. Even complex logic like static or dynamic filters using the current user‘s context or relationships between several datagroups can be used without the need of programming.

However over the last few years I realised that Intrexx – or maybe the customer requirements – became quite a bit more complex so that some things just can’t be done without programming any more.

The goal of this blog is to show several technical aspects of Intrexx using basic and advanced skills. Also I’ll show you how you can extend Intrexx using different libraries and programs.

If you don’t already have Intrexx installed, I recommend you download and install the Free Trial