The Intrexx 8 setup used in this blog

The goal of this blog is to show you the technical side of Intrexx. This means it isn’t important what Webserver or Database I use, because you can switch them afterwards to whatever you want to use. Here I want to show you the setup I use to build my examples.


Oracle VirtualBox 5.1.18
Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS 64-Bit
4 GB RAM (recommended 8GB and more)


PostgresQL 9.5.6


Intrexx 8 Minimal Setup (always current Online Update status)


Tomcat (the one delivered with the Intrexx package)

Other software

Text Editor: Nano

Installing Intrexx

In order to install Intrexx, I used United Planets Technical Documentation on How to install Intrexx on Linux, which worked out pretty well.

Creating the Portal

The creation of the portal is very intuitive and is basically done with the assistant. However, after successfully creating a portal it was necessary for me to install the portal-service as a daemon manually. In my environment I was able to do this executing these commands:

After that I started the service and finally was able to edit the portal using the portal-manager.

Let the Games begin!

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Martin Weber
Consultant at United Planet
Since April 2014 I'm working in the Consulting Services department at United Planet in Freiburg, Germany. My tasks there include holding Intrexx seminars, develop and customize customer-applications and in general find solutions for all kinds of problems using Intrexx. Also I forward bugs and feature-requests to our development department in order to further develop Intrexx.
Additionally to that I'm very active in United Planet's community forum and answer a lot of questions asked by customers or partners of United Planet.

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